Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria is one of those Papa Louie games which will be popular always. The game was sentenced to die with other flash game but new simulator will give you ability to enjoy the game at our website.

Papa's Burgeria : About The Game

Papas Burgeria

We all know that Papa's Games are about cooking and most of them were created long time ago. The games were developed using the Flash Player and most of them were disabled by the end of 2020 year but thanks to the emulators we still have ability to enjoy some of the old games such as Papa's Burgeria. Even though that most papas games are unable to emulate, the game featured at our website works fine and can be played without any additional software. So let me give some more information about the Papa's Burgeria. In this game you have to run the burger bar and serve your customers with an awesome burgers. Every time you make a new burger, there are a lot of factors that you must keep in mind, including the building station and grill. This game will test your ability to follow the simple instructions and build the best burger you ever had. At the beginning of the game, the first order will be show as tutorial - you will understand how to cook the meat at the grill station, how to build burgers using different products and how to serve it to the customers. At the final stage of each order, the customer will examine the burger and give you score. If the score is high, you will be granted tips. If not - well, you must try not to make bad burgers.

How To Play Papa's Burgeria?

The whole process of building burgers is split into several stages. The first stage is taking the order from customer. It is very important to understand what your customer needs. The order book will give you information about the burger as well as the frying temperature needed. Then you enter the grill station where your meat is going to be prepared. During the process you must keep an eye on the timer so the meat will be ideal. Once you are done at the grill station, you will move to the building station where you have to build a burger using the notes in your order book. Try to use all items in the correct order and at the same time make the burger look tasty. When the burger is ready, you should serve it to the customer. The algorithm is pretty simple but can you do everything without mistakes when there are several customers at the same time waiting for their burgers ? The whole gave is divided into days. Each day at burger bar will show your progress and make Papa Louie angry or proud of you. The original edition of the Papas Burgeria is available at our website for free so enjoy it.

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